16688 points in PACC 2021

Conditions weren’t too good but also not terrible. 10m and 15m were closed but while I didn’t have any decent antennas for those bands, I guess that was in my advantage. Yesterday I hooked up a big 200 uH coil with three 22 pF silver mica caps in series (so 7+ pF) as an improvised trap for 80m and added some wire to get resonance on 1.85 MHz. I actually made 7 QSO’s on 160m which gave me 3 extra multipliers. 98 QSO’s on 80m, 142 QSO’s on 40m and 51 QSO’s op 20m were good for 53 multipliers. I had one duplicate QSO so total the total was 298 QSO’s x 56 multipliers = 16688 punten. Considering the fact that the conditions weren’t too good, I’m happy with the results. Hope to hear you next year!

73 Pleun (PA3HHO)

Join me in the PACC Contest 2021?

I will be participating today in the Dutch PACC contest 2021. Start is Sat 13 February 12:00 UTC, end is Sun 14 February 12:00 UTC. The contest is organised by Veron (click link below for rules and more information). I will be active on 80/40/20, maybe on 160m at night if I can get the 80m L/C trap working (will hook it up to the 80/40 HWEF).

The PACC contest mostly is a very relaxed contest so ideal for beginners. Dutch PA stations are sending report and province code, all other stations are sending report and sequence number starting from 001.

The Dutch province abbreviations (multipliers) are:
DR= Drenthe        NB = Noord-Brabant
FL= Flevoland      NH = Noord-Holland
FR= Friesland       OV = Overijssel
GD= Gelderland    UT = Utrecht
GR= Groningen     ZH = Zuid-Holland
LB= Limburg         ZL = Zeeland

See if you can catch ‘m all from the air waves HI.

Have fun, goodluck es 73 de PA3HHO

Sirio New Tornado great performer on 20m!

I coverted the Sirio New Tornado to 20m and let it run WSPR (5 Watts) for less than a day. I’m really happy with the results, also Austrasia seem to be picking up the signal, that was what I was after. Check for yourself:

I’ve reduced power now from 5% (5 Watts) to 0% (0.5 Watt), map looks very similar. Here’s the top of the result list from wsprnet.org:

If you want to know about the simple conversion of this €75 / $100 CB antenna, check the article and read all about it: Sirio New Tornado CB antenna conversion to 20m.

Stay safe everybody!

73 Pleun

Sirio New Tornado 20m conversion works!

Good news! Today I spend some time getting the Sirio New Tornado CB antenna to work on 20m and guess what? It works great! Replaced the wire by a straight piece of wire, set radiator to 6.9 meter length (22.7′) and radials to (6.6′) and put it on the roof. Note that the antenna needs to be at least 5 meters above ground level to get the impedance down to 50 Ohms.

Check this article to read all about it:
Sirio New Tornado CB antenna conversion to 20m

Stay safe everybody!

73 Pleun

Sirio New Tornado on 10m & 20m

A couple of weeks ago we had a South-Western storm and I had to take the 20-15-10 HWEF vertical down. It’s too top heavy for permanent installation but makes an excellent holiday / field day antenna so I will continue the experiment.

With the PACC contest coming up in Februari and my long lasting desire to have “something vertically” on my roof so finally free sight in N-E, N and S-E direction (e.g. Asia), I started looking for alternatives. The old trap loaded HyGain AV-12AVQ vertical was no success; traps were faulty and I had a problem putting away decent length radials / radial wires. I looked for a new one but found them to be too expensive and I would still have the problem with the radials.

I started to look for alternatives; CB antennes that I could modify for multiband use. I found the Sirio New Tornado, with it’s whopping 7.23 length, interesting. Here’s a link to the manufacturers webpage: https://www.sirioantenne.it/en/products/hf/new-tornado.

I’ve found an easy modification to get this antenna working as a monoband vertical on 20m with very promising figures, and I’m working on a way to make it at least a dual band antenna for use on 10m as well (undo the modification). Check the article, it will be updated in the future when I have done more experiments.

NEW: Sirio New Tornado on 20m & 10m

Have fun reading and stay safe!

73 Pleun

Holiday HWEF pages in English!

Because my holiday HWEF pages (originally in Dutch) get a lot of international visits, I decided to translate them in English. Please be aware these pages are from 2012/2013 so a little outdated, but probably still inspiring to some people. Built yourself a vertical 40-20-10 HWEF of only 7 meters long and have some radio fun on your holidays!

The pages can be accessed via the HWEF menu or using the links below:
40/20/10 holiday HWEF V1 2012 (English!)
40/20/10 holiday HWEF V2 2013 (English!)

73 Pleun (PA3HHO)

Toroid calculations spreadsheet

I’ve converted the calculations from Owen Duffy’s ” Calculate ferrite cored inductor (from Al)” into an Excel spreadsheet. The spreadsheet holds tabs for the most popular toroids. All manufacturer’s material and frequency specific parameters are pre-filled in. I want to share my spreadsheet with you, you can download it from my pages for personal use. Please do not distribute without written permission. There’s no need anyway, you can always download it from this blog. This version 1.03 was updated 2 November 2020. Click link below to download:
HWEF transformer toroid calculations V1.03

New 80/40 HWEF!

Today I made a new transformer for my dual band 80/40 HWEF. After all the experiments with 52 toroids, I came to the conclusion that even though the efficiency of this mix is very good, it’s not suitable for lower frequencies.

Of all the candidates, I chose a single (big!) FT290-43 toroid with a 3:21 turn ratio wound with AWG 15 (1.4mm) wire. There’s plenty of magnetising inductance so no problems with the insertion VSWR on 80 meters, it might even work reasonably well on 160.

If you’re interested, read the whole article: 80/40 HWEF.

Need toroids?

As I’m ordering toroids at mouser.com at certain quantities to get a better price, I have a little too much stock right now so I’m selling some to fellow radio amateurs. If you need just a few, I can send you some. If you need higher quantities, you might be better off ordering directly from Mouser.com yourself. Note that prices on the Mouser website are excluding VAT and €20 shipping costs! I can ship within Europe via PostNL (with track & trace and insurance) or you can pick ‘m up at my QTH for a free coffee and a good conversation HI.

FT290-43 €10 (160/80/40 HWEF transformer)
FT240-43 €7 (allround 80-10 HWEF transformer or G3TXQ 3-8 MHz common mode choke)
FT140-43 €3 (40-10 HWEF transformer, common mode choke experiments)
FT240-52 €8 (20-10 HWEF transformer G3TXQ 14-30 MHz common mode choke)
FT140-52 €4 (15-10 QRP HWEF transformer, common mode choke experiments)

Send email to pa3hho @ gmail.com if you want some.

73 Pleun (PA3HHO)