Innox lichtstatief als /P antenne mast/statief

Weekaanbieding bij een lichtstatief van 3m hoogte met T-stuk (b.v. om te verlengen met 2 hengeltjes of om twee hengels in V-stand te zetten) voor slechts €22,50 inclusief verzendkosten!! Als dat geen goede basis is voor een /P antenne systeem dan weet ik het niet meer. Zie


Hier wat foto’s van de mijne:




Fair-Rite Toroids

Me and ham radio friend Frans PE0F ordered a considerable number of Fair-Rite toroids overseas. I can spare some, so if you need some toroids, just let me know.
FT240-43, FT240-52, FT140-43 or FT140-61.

The 52 material is relatively new and two stacked FT240-52’s with 11 turns of RG58 seem to make the ideal wideband RF choke for 14 – 30 MHz according to G3TXQ. Also 17 turns of RG58 on a single 60mm FT240-43 makes an excellent 80/40 RF choke that’s even suitable for 160m (see measurements below).

I used to think “a couple of turns of RG58 with 4-6″ diameter (10-15 cm)” would make a good enough choke 14 MHz and up, but looking at the results below, you can see that air cored coax makes a monoband RF choke at best. So… if you need wideband RF chokes, using toroids is the way to go!

G3TXQ's RF choke measurements

Goodbye IC-7000, Hello FT-897D

OK I admit, I’m a sucker for Yaesu so it seems. I did trade my (2nd!) FT-897D for an IC-7000 and fair is fair, the IC-7000 is a much better radio, especially on HF and has more and better features than the FT-897D e.g. the IF DSP, voice recorder and full color TFT screen to name a few. So why get rid of it?

I can’t get used to the menus. Last time when I wanted to change the RF power, I just could not seem to find the parameter menu and had to grab for the manual. I had the same problem with the IC-706 and IC-706MKII that I had before. For some reason, I just can’t seem to grab the Icom logic behind menus. Frans, PE0F, found me a nice used FT-897D from 2004 with a compression mike plus steep flanked InRad 2.3 kHz SSB filter for a great price, I just couldn’t resist.

In the shack, I’m using the FT-897D exclusively for local rag chewing on VHF (and seldomly on UHF). During my holidays, I use it merely with digital modes, no voice so… even though I don’t like the FT-897D on HF that much, I guess it will do just fine.

I also like to take the FT-817ND out on short (motorbike) holidays and are kind of challenged to get a QRP /P station on the air. When 5W is the maximum power you’ve got, I guess CW is the way to go so I am training again using and using the FT-897D’s built-in CW trainer. Hopefully, I will persist and finally can copy 15 WPM QSO’s and in summer, actually make some /QRP CW QSO’s.

Amp fixed, ready for PACC

Hello everybody! I’m sorry it took so long, I was very busy with work and other hobbies. The nice aspect of our hobby is that you can always pick it up when you feel like it. Acom has been very helpfull with me and sent me a set of brand new replacement tubes. I think it was December 2013 that I installed them and according to the (excellent). Unfortunately no luck, the problem persisted. While I was not very active at the time, I didn’t take any action and considered visiting a tech to have it examined and repaired.

Today… two months later, I was getting ready for the PACC contest. I fired up the Acom 1011 to give it one more try and what do you think? It works flawlessly!! I’m puzzled how this is possible but as we say in Dutch “vraag niet hoe het kan maar profiteer er van” (don’t ask why, just benefit from the situation). So after all I will be participating in the high power single operator section of PACC. During daytime I will be active on 40m mostly, in the evening on 80m. Maybe I will be making some QSO’s on higher bands as well. 

I hope to hear you on the bands!