Half Wave End-Fed (HWEF)

This is the HWEF page. It holds no article, please go to my homepage and select an article from the HWEF menu or click on one of the popular articles below.

Article on the multi/any-band half wave endfed (HWEF).
Article on the “broadbandity” of HWEF auto transformers (including the N3LQ design)
Article with an update (2019) on the trapped 80/40/20/10 HWEF I’m using at the moment

The person who started my HWEF fetish is PA1RIK who wrote a question on the forum zendamateur.com in 2011. His question ended in a 33 page (495 messages) knowledge base with an incredibly good information. All is in Dutch (try learing it, it’s easy, just like German but with funny sounds HI) but there many pictures in the threads and they say more than a thousand words. Maybe Google Translate will work for the pages, don’t know. Click the link www.zendamateur.com for the original article! You won’t be dissapointed!

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