HWEF articles!

It’s really rewarding to notice that many people all over the world have read and are reading my article on the multi/any-band HWEF. Please be aware however that this article is from 2011 and I recently (winter 2019) have published an article on the (limited!) bandwidth / working range of the HWEF 1:49 auto transformer . I’ve measured four different transformers including the Steve Ellington (N4LQ) design. Highly recommended! I’ve also written an update on the trapped 80/40/20/10 HWEF  I’m using nowadays.

Then… I recently did some experiments with a vertical HWEF for 10m/15m with a FT240-52 based 2:14 transformer on 10m agl. I should be a low angle canon blowing the dx out of the water but… It didn’t. My calculations and measurements on (several!) transformer(s) and (several!) L/C match(es) looked promising but in practice, the antenna miserably failed the tests. I’m still figuring out what went wrong, can’t get my fingers behind it yet. So there you go, not all my experiments have good results, I guess that’s the idea of an experiment. The challenge is of course to find out what is wrong so… I’m not giving up on this vertical yet but after three weekends of work, I took my loss and put the old Hy-Gain 12AVQ vertical back on the chimney today HI. I will keep testing the 10/15m concept with some sloping wire (instead of a vertical aluminium tubing pole), see if I can get it to work.

Happy Holidays for you and your family and I wish you a radio active 2020!

73 de PA3HHO (Pleun)

SN100PIP op 7.139 MHz

Het hele weekend druk in de weer met de 80/40/20/10 HWEF. Ik wilde de einddraad vervangen door een V vorm om wat meer bandbreedte op 80m te krijgen. Hele zaterdag bezig geweest tot in het donker, ook nog de zondagochtend. Het uiteindelijke resultaat is dat ik de V weer heb verwijderd (gaf problemen op hogere frequenties) en het laatste stuk heb vervangen door een iets langer stuk. Ook heb ik dat laatste stuk iets anders weggespannen maar dat was het wel. De traps voor 20m en 40m zijn wel gewijzigd; voorzien van Russische door knob condensators. Was even 30x naar zolder op en neer, maar dan heb je ook wat… Ahum… not! Dat had ik een uurtje of twee ook wel kunnen doen maarja… wel lekker bezig geweest. Uiteindelijk nog even op 40m OE9TAV en SN100PIP gewerkt.

Amidon / Fair-Rite toroids

I’m have ordered a lot of toroids at Mouser.com, way more than I need. If you’re interested, in Amidon (= Fair-Rite!) toroids, let me know, I have some spares in my shack.

FT240-43 €8 (HWEF 160m and higher frequencies, CM choke 80m/40m)
FT240-52 €12 (HWEF 80m and higher frequencies, CM choke 40 – 10 meter)
FT140-61 €4 (1:1 balun, 1:4 balun, 1:9 unun, rfi surpression)
FT140-43 €4 (HWEF 40m – 10m, CM choke, rfi surpression)

If you need more than one or two toroids, I advise you to order directly at nl.mouser.com because that’s what I did. Bear in mind that shipping costs are €20 for orders under €50 and all prices shown are excluding 21% Dutch VAT (exclusief BTW) so you need to add 21%.