Amidon / Fair-Rite toroids

I’m have ordered a lot of toroids at, way more than I need. If you’re interested, in Amidon (= Fair-Rite!) toroids, let me know, I have some spares in my shack.

FT240-43 €8 (HWEF 160m and higher frequencies, CM choke 80m/40m)
FT240-52 €12 (HWEF 80m and higher frequencies, CM choke 40 – 10 meter)
FT140-61 €4 (1:1 balun, 1:4 balun, 1:9 unun, rfi surpression)
FT140-43 €4 (HWEF 40m – 10m, CM choke, rfi surpression)

If you need more than one or two toroids, I advise you to order directly at because that’s what I did. Bear in mind that shipping costs are €20 for orders under €50 and all prices shown are excluding 21% Dutch VAT (exclusief BTW) so you need to add 21%.

4 gedachten over “Amidon / Fair-Rite toroids

    • Thanks for your reply Frank. Some people only need one or two toroids for experimenting. As you might know, minimal shipping costs are €20 at If you want 10 toroids or more (free shipping for orders over €50), I agree that it’s more cost efficient to place your own order at Commercial price for a single FT240-43 is around €10 so I think my prices are fair. The good news is: you don’t have to buy them from me HI.

      • Indeed, but I ‘am thinking about building 2 transformers with 2~3 toriods each and with 5 toriods I have free shipment (I don’t need 10 pieces, but if You can order 10+ pieces I ‘am interested to buy 5 pieces from You + PostNL shipment…

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