FT-817ND in da house!



I was craving for an FT-817D but couldn’t find a used one for the right price. That’s the reason I decided to make a battery pack for my FT-897D (seems to work pretty well, more about that another time) and also a justification for getting that nice old FT-101E in the shack. Just a couple of days after I got the 101, I saw a 2 year old FT–817ND in mint condition for a fair price, I just couldn’t resist. I’m not sure if I’m gonna keep all of them, but for the coming holidays, I will most certainly have fun with that little bugger! I charged up the battery and this afternoon I made some local QSO’s on 40m and got 5/9 reports with only 5W output. Even got a 5/9 report from France. Big fun with this little radio!

5.0.2 JP


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