20m end-fed works OK but…

I hooked up 10m of speaker wire to the auto transformer pictured below and hard wired a length of RG58 to the transformer as well. After cutting to correct length, I got a nice 1:1.2 SWR dip around 14.050 MHz and tested it out. It seems to work great and can handle the 400W PEP that I used. I worked some Canadian stations in what I believe was the ARRL contest; VY2TT, VE9HF and VO1SA. Distance is around 6000 km pretty good but…

I noticed the signals on the 80/40 end fed, that hasn’t even good a decent SWR on 20m, were 1 S-point better with less noise. I can tune the 80/40 end-fed to 20m and it seemed to work pretty well in the PACC contest. Question is how it compares to this new 20m end-fed. If performance is comparabe, (again reception was around 6 dB better so maybe it’s even better than the 20m end-fed), it’s no use using a dedicated end-fed for 20m. Have to sleep on that HI.


One thought on “20m end-fed works OK but…

  1. Hoi Pleun,

    Ik heb een zelfde antenne als jij hangen en ik heb dezelfde goede ervaringen op 20 meter met de multiband end fed. 20 meter werkt prima op deze 40-80 end antenne. Ik heb ook sinds kort een verticale monoband 20 meter end fed hangen (met luchtspoel) maar ik merk idd ook weinig meerwaarde t.o.v de multiband end fed antenne op 20 meter. Ik denk dat de monoband 20 meter end fed plaats gaat maken voor een multiband versie voor 10 20 en 40 meter.

    groetjes Mark PA1SSB

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