Acom 1011 down?!…

A few weeks ago I had an issue with the Acom 1011. After warm up period of 1 – 2 minutes (manual indicates it’s operational after 30 seconds) the red F and yellow IP LEDs started blinking, green OPER LED went off and the amp went into protection for a couple of seconds. I checked everything (bandswitch, antenne switch etc.) and tried again: the amp worked OK. I didn’t take notice and suspected it would be a “hick-up”. I didn’t use the amp for almost a week, so maybe the tubes needed some extra warming up, I don’t know.

Last couple of weeks this problem occured again and more frequent. I had the impression that after a longer warm up period, it worked OK but since yesterday, it doesn’t work any more. Sometimes it doesn’t go into protection but then the output power equals the input power (30 Watts) and in that case, the TX LED on the amp is ON but I don’t hear the amp’s relay clicking. I’ve raised the issue with Acom and as their after sales service has a very good reputation, hopefully we can work this out. I will keep you informed. 


4 thoughts on “Acom 1011 down?!…

      • I bought my one at the end of 2011, but not many QSO`s few hunded only,
        I messured the faulty tubes outside the amp ( discribed in Funkamateur magazine 3/2015 ) on tube`s cathode has no more emmision. My amp has the mods except the 2 resistors. The Tubes look very old, comparing to others
        i have seen.
        Acom say sorry there is a tube faulty and offer my for 220 Euro “new” tubes,
        Wimo want 340.- Euro !
        My friend has changed the tubes already 3 times and again down now.
        Well, we know the tubes are new old stock, right now I try to reactivating
        some SRL 640 aquivalet to 4cx250b, let`s see it works or not !!

      • Too bad Hans. I got new tubes under warranty and they’re working FINE. The 1011 is not a bad amp at all, but there has been a lot of bad Russian and Chinese 4XC250B tubes on the market and that’s what gives the 1011 a bad reputation. Check for UOS Eimac tubes, I heard the aviation idustry is still using them and replacing them every 3 months or so there are MANY good tubes out there.

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