Exchange FT-897D for IC-7000?!..

Do I want to swap my 2010 FT-897D for a 2007 IC-7000?… My €849 radio (current list price) for your €1295 radio (current list price)?!… You bet I do!! I know, it almost sounds too good to be true but I did make this deal with Patrick, PD4HW, tonight. He once had an FT-897D but wanted one back to make a nice “portable base station” for field days. He already had the snap-on FP-30 power supply and the LDG AT-897 tuner so it made sense for him to look for a nice FT-897D. Patrick once had the IC-7000 in his car, but was catching dust in the closet for some time so it made sense to swap.


We were both happy with the deal so, no regrets. Patrick got a mint FT-897D from 2010, I got a slightly older (probably 2006 or 2007) IC-7000 with some more features and functionality (IF DSP, voice recorder, colour display to name a few). Why did I swap? Just for fun. It’s my holiday radio and while on my last holiday I only made about 20 PSK31 QSO’s from France it doesn’t really matter what the performance on HF is to be honest, any radio will do just fine. At home, I did use the 897D for local 2m FM QSO´s so also here, no high standards to meet. Having considered all that and the fun I have exploring / testing / playing with radios, I decided to make the swam.

I already had a play with it and I’m quite impressed with what this little puppy can do. It’s a really nice compact radio and fair is fair, the 2,5″ colour screen just looks awesome. Thanks Patrick and have fun with the FT-897D!

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